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Raspberry Pi!

I gave into impulse and bought a Raspberry Pi finally. Not sure what I’ll do with it but it cost around $60 (with case and SD card) so why not give it a try?

I have it running Drupal right now. Works fine but a bit slow. I think the slowness is the SD 4 Class SD card serving as the database filesystem though… Use an external USB disk and I bet it’d be decent. Once the pages are in memory its plenty fast.

It’s so tiny:

Who needs a big computer? Me still. Here the Pi is on top of a small box of a computer:

BSD/Linux DrupalRecover Tech

Django, Ubuntu, and Nginx

So I switched back to Ubuntu so that I could do me some bitmining. That’s all I’ll say about bitmining, going swimingly.

Switching to Ubuntu I had to move my Django site over. We’re recording all sorts of trivialities there. Normally this goes easily. There was no problem moving from Ubuntu to FreeBSD or between OS X and those. You just copy the project directory over, simple!

But I had switch to Nginx which was a change from using Apache. And I kept randomly getting ‘Template not found’ errors. It’d always work if I connect with the MacBook, but connect with any other computer and I’d get the ‘Template not found’ errors. If the MacBook was on it all worked ok on other computers though. Still I didn’t know the MacBook was the reason it was working yet…

So I’ve been trying to figure out these darn errors. I’d been using FastCGI and was going to blame it so decided to switch from it to uWSGI. I went from FastCGI to uWSGI as the Django server. I thought that finally fixed it but then the errors came back!!! I connected on another random computer and it didn’t work. Then I ssh’d into the Ubuntu server as my user and it worked again!


You see Ubuntu can encrypt your home folder. I’ve always just had the Django files in my home folder. The deal was whenever I was on the MacBook since Terminal automatically opens it connected to the Ubuntu server as me and unencrypted my home folder. That’s what happened today too on the other random computer. Tricky. Most of the time Ubuntu unmounted my home folder, encrypted it, and caused the ‘Template not found’ errors since the files were indeed gone. So I moved the folder to somewhere other than my home folder. Many hours wasted on that one!