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TF300 becomes dogged slow with time

Apparently so does the 2012 Nexus 7.

Over time I’ve noticed that the TF300T tablet I have has become almost unusable. It just hangs and hangs. Looking into this it appears that with these newfangled devices you need to worry about how well the storage performs. I totally get that having gotten the Rasberry Pi. I bought the cheapest SD card so any disk access is dogged slow.

So it turns out that Android just freezes due to slow disk access on Asus tablets. Here are some benchmarks discussing that. Next time I buy a tablet or phone I’ll make sure and check how well the storage performs. Its been ages since that mattered but it does once again.

I was clued into this with this Ars article about Android 4.3 and its addition of TRIM support. iOS doesn’t need TRIM support (as far as I’ve found) as apparently the storage doesn’t suck. 3-5 years in and both the iPod touches (2nd and 4th gen) have no horid freezes like the 9 month old Android tablet.

So you do in a way get what you pay for and again Apple products may be again worth the premium (I say as I write on the perfectly functional 5 year old MacBook, about to watch movies on the 7 year old iMac both working perfectly fine still). I suppose considering how old the Apple products are I don’t know much about the newer ones…

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Tora Tora Tora!

The Tora Tora Tora group at Oshkosh 2013 was pretty impressive. Here’s a bit of it, it’s always so hard to believe these days being attacked from air. You really have to feel for the normal folk who really went through things like this, I can’t imagine living through the Battle of Britain, the bombing of Germany, you name it.

We were on a rowboat on Lake Wingra when that B-17 flew over on its way to the airshow. Glad it didn’t bomb us!