I am angry gorilla, I heard you needed me.

I must say – sometimes the news is just too serious. And the hacks they get to interview about a topic. Really, lighten up.


Wow! Just sit back and let the money come in!

So I put a motorcycle for sale on Craigslist two days ago and I already got this amazing offer today! Wow – it’s that easy! And such good grammar and diction too! So close to the sample scam emails Craiglist has! They aren’t even trying!

Sort of subtle really since you don’t have to give out your bank account info, they’ll just send you a check!

Good Day,
I am happy to read your email concerning the sale of your bike,i am intrested in it and ready to buy it immediately.and dont worry about the shippment,I will handle the shipment myself via a private shipping company () they are the leaders in Worldwide auto shipment and they will come for the pick up at your door step and prepare all shipment papers and also bill of will also be insured by the shippers.

I will make your payment through a cashiers check drawn from (Bank Of America) the check is a legitimate chashiers check it will be mailed to you through UPS and it will be deliverd at your door step,so when you have the check then you proceed to bank and deposited it into your bank account and wait for few day for bank verification while i will wait till the bank confirmed it and cash it and it will be remitted into your bank account …then you go ahead and chash it……. so my client () will issued the checkin your name so far that its the fastest and secured means for this type of transaction.,So forhim to issued the check he will need the the following information…such as :
1 : Your name ( the name that will be on the check)
2 : Your contact address ( Your home address that the check will be posted to)
3 : A valid phone number ( Your phone number that you can be contacted on for updatings)
The check which will cover the price of the bike and the shipping will be mailed to you as soon as you send your information and will be delivered second day.then you will proceed to have the check deposited….


Don’t let Smoky Mountain smoke get in your eyes.

I’ll tell you what – those Osborne Brothers had it right.