Not just a hat. Longevity for 7.99

As the tag states:

As society becomes more knowledgeable about health care, sun protection becomes a priority. Hats are the easiest and most commonly used form of protection from the sun today.

The world’s finest hatters have designed and produced ‘Sunguard’ headware for those who take pride in a long healthy future.


Today I was on a call

I recently thought to myself, ‘Man, you be complanin alot there on that blog.’ So maybe this is complaining or maybe not. Trying to reform though and just stream o’ conscousness. James Joyce and what have you. (no idea if that reference is correct btw. Before you freak out over it read below and decide if you really want to.)

So, anyway, today I was on a call and I thought, ‘whoa people just need to chill out! It’ll all be fine!’

I dare not give you more detail should they find this and freak out. I dare not comment any more since there are bound to be people who will freakout whatever I say. In fact I bet some are freaking out already and I’ve said nothing.

Why post so vaguely then? Don’t know, it’s vaguely entertaining and why not?

Anywho, sometimes you just have to realize how petty it all is and just chill out. Stuff happens, it generally all works out. Just breathe and calm down.

Ah well, more complaining I guess. Did I in fact freak out over people freaking out? Maybe I’ll do better next time.


Generic car company – we dislike cars

I was confused by an ad I saw at the movies the other night. I find it peculiar that an automobile/motorcycle/generator/lawn mower/generally internal combustion engine company seems to dislike automobiles and internal combustion engines so much. Why would you buy an automobile or other miscellaneous internal combustion engine product from a company which so hates such things?


Red wing blackbirds – I dislike them alot

Sort of in response to Zombies are Magic – when we first moved to Wisconsin I thought the red winged blackbird was very pretty. What interesting coloring!

However after having been attacked by them multiple times around town, for no other reason than my sheer being, I’ve often thought to myself ‘I don’t really like these birds.’

Having seen signs at the local gardens about how they are federally protected I couldn’t believe it. Another conspiracy to let birds roam wild in the highly cultivated gardens. Mind I generally think of myself as a nature lover and general Taoist and such but I don’t really like these birds…

Too bad they are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Intentionally harming a red wing exposes one to a $250,000 fine and two years’ imprisonment on a felony conviction. Whoa!!! These bird are jerks!


So I went to Texas this week and I must say I’ve not been anywhere recently where all there was to eat was meat. Pretty cool really. You go to the BBQ Pit (at the airport mind you, or not) and the menu includes meal options such as:

1 Meat
2 Meats
3 Meats
Half Chicken

I might have to open me a franchise! Really, good stuff, may not fly up north though. Too bad.

I hear the BBQ pits outside the airport are even better.