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Thanks to Codepen for the fine CSS that inspired the new header above. Very nice. Lots of neat things you can do with CSS and Javascript at Codepen. Here’s where I got the fine CSS for the above:

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Net neutrality and hypocrisy

Thanks to net neutrality fine internet content like this can exist and anyone can get to it for free. What a lucky dog you are! However recently a court struck down the FCC’s attempts at net neutrality.

The Republicans truly are Orwellian 99% of the time. Here we get our most recent example in a court’s recent striking down of net neutrality they claim victory for innovation and the free market.

This is what could happen if net neutrality fails and the ISPs can decide what we’re allowed to see for what cost – so much for freedom and innovation – more like cable and money:

Thanks to whoever created that image which is here:

How is internet not just part of infrastructure? And we need the infrastrucure protected so that everyone can continue to have access to it. We don’t let water companies shut off the water if they feel like it. We expect electricity of the electric company. We regulate those to make sure they stay available to all. Anyhow if you are reading this presumably you like using the internet (regardless of whether you like this post, you do like the internet) and should want it kept accessbile for all without limit or extra fees for something that was free.

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Fetchmail and SSL certificates

I have to search for this periodically being sites like to change their SSL certificates every once and a while. So here’s another place to look for it!

If you don’t know what Fetchmail is its a little program (maybe its gigatic, I don’t know) that fetches email for you from many different email servers. This allows me to have one place where I store all my email across all my email addresses and then I can use an IMAP email server to view it all in one place. Very nice if you’ve many different email address.

In order to do this magic you have to tell fetchmail how to login to your email accounts and its always better to do this securely over SSL. To do it over SSL you have to tell fetchmail the site’s SSL certificiate (or you could weaken fetchmail to not care to validate the certificate but that seems silly). And to do that you have to tell it in hex or other computer sprach.

So first you need to get the SSL certificate in computer sprach:

openssl s_client -connect -showcerts | openssl x509 -fingerprint -noout -md5

Running this will get you the certificate computer sprach entry itself that’ll look something like this:


Second you need to tell fecthmail to use this id when it connects to the server in the fetchmailrc file:

poll uidl protocol POP3 user “” there with password “ohSuchASecurePassword!@#$” is xxxx@tttt here ssl sslfingerprint ‘91:63:CF:6F:DF:03:3C:B9:3E:19:B3:1C:FF:EB:3C:25

There you have it! That’s almost a good memorable, secure password I just made up there.