Tricky php issue

So, after switching over to the new server all of the sudden everything was hanging every time a comment was entered. I couldn’t figure it out for quite some time. I looked at all the error logs to no avail. I noticed that it worked for one site but not the other. What was it????

It was this seemingly unrelated message about sending an email:

Feb 23 23:55:21 topbarbee sendmail[51753]: My unqualified host name (topbarbee) unknown; sleeping for retry
Feb 23 23:56:21 topbarbee sendmail[51753]: unable to qualify my own domain name (topbarbee) — using short name
Feb 23 23:56:21 topbarbee sendmail[51753]: My unqualified host name (topbarbee) unknown; sleeping for retry

Not sure why it references sendmail since that’s off but whatever. Finally! Once I made the connection (a few hours later) a quick Google shows you need to update you /etc/hosts for both the internal and external IP address! I was missing the internal bit.

::1                     localhost topbarbee themumsy               localhost topbarbee themumsy

Migrate from MySQL to MariaDB

MariaDB is the offshoot of MySQL created by the original creator of MySQL. The point being to maintain a non-Oracle, open-source version of ‘MySQL’ since Oracle has since aquired MySQL. I don’t know I care either way but supposedly MariaDB is faster than MySQL also so that’s why I did the switch.

The switch was a piece of cake. I moved from MySQL 5.1 to MariaDB 5.3 just by exporting the databases from MySQL, moving them to the new server, and loading them to MariaDB.

So for anyone afraid of making the switch you don’t at least have to worrying about the migration of data. So far MariaDB seems fine inasmuch as I don’t have any issues, it just works.

FreeBSD for all!

YAR – Things were so difficult in 2013 it seems!

The sites are on FreeBSD now. I got sick of NetBSD not working. I’m sure its a fine OS but since not as many people use it, it is harder to figure out how to fix things via Google. I moved over to FreeBSD and the thing I couldn’t get working worked by default. Yay! We’ve got more memory and disk space here also so it ought to be quicker. All for about the same cost… And randomly while compiling things on the old NetBSD VPS it’d outright run out of disk space, that never was fun.

Switched to nginx

Reposting from 2013 – why did I post this originally on Valentine’s day – so romantic!

I’m going to start another blog. I’ll post a link here once it’s up. As a part of that I want to share 1 server with mulitple domains. So that’s going to add some load. I started with Apache but decided to give nginx a try. It always sounded to be more efficient and randomly the side is brought down by too much activity. Maybe nginx will be better. So far so good.

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