Happy 4th!

The declaration is pretty interesting really (especially if one is used to reading philosophers from the time). I’d say those folks were angry and with good reason. And in the end they appear to have done a fine job with it all. We’re still ticking along pretty well despite the current gloom.

It’s all cycles, one side gets grumpy for a couple of years, then the other side gets grumpy for a couple of years, and all moves forward pretty well despite all the shifting grumpiness. Then there are those who when in power still stay grumpy just ’cause.

We should really realize this cycle and, at least those of us who are not always grumpy, should be less grumpy. Can’t help the perma-grumps but perhaps it is their duty to keep the cycle going and keep us moving forward. It really does all seem to work out in the end and the founding fathers made a damn robust system keeping all the grumps in check.

Anyhow –
here’s the declaration