Switched to nginx

Reposting from 2013 – why did I post this originally on Valentine’s day – so romantic!

I’m going to start another blog. I’ll post a link here once it’s up. As a part of that I want to share 1 server with mulitple domains. So that’s going to add some load. I started with Apache but decided to give nginx a try. It always sounded to be more efficient and randomly the side is brought down by too much activity. Maybe nginx will be better. So far so good.

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PPTP VPN with MPD and PF on FreeBSD

And here’s another thing I posted 4 years ago (reposted with backdating in 2016) about something I’ve totally forgotten! Could very well be useful.

Surfing the internet on public wifi is not secure. Anyone could be snooping on your communication. I’ve a computer running FreeBSD 9.0 that I use for many things and I’ve recently added VPN to one of those things. I imagine you could use other BSDs, Linux, or OS X for this also. I imagine even Windows could do it.

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