So far this winter

We’ve lost 1 chicken, down to 21. Must have been a hawk that got it.

All 5 of the hives and all 6 of the sheep are alive still. There wasn’t much question about the sheep but the bees somehow seem sketchy. Tom and Hen the turkeys are fine too.

PPTP VPN with MPD and PF on FreeBSD

And here’s another thing I posted 4 years ago (reposted with backdating in 2016) about something I’ve totally forgotten! Could very well be useful.

Surfing the internet on public wifi is not secure. Anyone could be snooping on your communication. I’ve a computer running FreeBSD 9.0 that I use for many things and I’ve recently added VPN to one of those things. I imagine you could use other BSDs, Linux, or OS X for this also. I imagine even Windows could do it.

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